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The Problem

Reports and studies are done every year to give us a glimpse into the problem. Get the facts and figures on the alarming issue and see for yourself that it's time to take action.

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Our Program

We utilize the Jumpline High Performance "First In" program to meet the unique physical and mental demands faced by our Nation’s Firefighters.

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Taking Firefighter Health To New Heights

The First Twenty was chosen to develop the new Air Force Firefighter Fitness & Wellness Program.

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Partnered IAFC SHS Section

"The is a tremendous partnership and opportunity for the fire service and the IAFC members." -IAFC

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Let's make it happen. Together we can dramatically increase the health and performance of our firefighters!
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Stay in touch and spread the word about our mission to save our firefighter's lives.

About The First Twenty

About the First Twenty

Hear the words and thoughts of the firefighters who are dedicated to protecting and serving our communities. "If we can save one firefighter... if just one more firefighter comes home on that truck at the end of the day... thats a win."